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I write fun contemporary romances and fast-paced romantic thrillers. I fell in love with the romance genre years ago and again more recently, which I blame on cold feet and a stutter.

You see, one summer day a teenage lifetime ago, I was between books–a rare occurrence, to be sure–and without a trip to the library or the delight of digital reading and one-click buying, I had nothing to read. It was a dark day.

In desperation, I started looking through my parent’s bookshelves, and nestled between all the cookbooks, bridge playing guides, and crime fiction, was something quite different. It caught my eye and I skimmed through the first pages of Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood. I read that whole book standing in front of the bookshelf, not sitting down, and that was it for me. She warmed his feet and I fell in love with a genre.

I read romances voraciously over the years, but you know, life happens. Without quite intending it, I took a break from romance. I was young, with a lifetime of books in front of me, and I had college and then the beginning of grad school. Somehow I’d forgotten my love.

But reminiscent of that day long ago, I was between books, and looking for stress relief during one of the infrequent lulls in my grueling graduate program. A friend passed me The Duke and I by Julia Quinn. The Duke stuttered and I fell in love all over again.

Reading romance got me through the rest of that graduate program, and I soon decided to put my own pen to paper in the hopes that something I write will allow someone else to tumble into love with romance.

Oh and for that other stuff you probably don’t want to know about? I’m living in my hometown in upstate New York again after a brief time living in Southern California, which basically means I spend too much time complaining about the weather. 😉

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