Wherever You Are CoverI’m so excited for the upcoming release of my new book, WHEREVER YOU ARE. My heroine, Winnie, is a total foodie like me and I thought it would be fun to post a sneak peek from a scene where Winnie is busy enjoying her dessert–and Brian is busy trying not to enjoy her!


Brian had just pulled on a t-shirt and sweats when he heard someone knock softly and then Winnie’s head popped through the doorway.

“You decent?” She asked, not waiting for an answer as she backed into the room, balancing a plate, her cell phone, and two mugs full of steaming liquid.

“As I’ll ever be.” Brian snagged the mugs before she burned herself, and set them on the side table. “I see you found tea. And cheesecake. How far did you have to search for that?”

Winnie grinned somewhat sheepishly. Her love of all things sweet was legendary. Brian remembered Winnie saying to someone once, “Just ask my hips.” Brian didn’t need to though, because if he allowed himself to think of such things, he would have noted that her hips were full and perfectly rounded, just begging his hands to knead womanly curves and warm flesh. But of course he didn’t think of such things.

Winnie said, “I’ll have you know that the front desk clerk practically ran me down, begging me to take the very last, forlorn piece of cheesecake before it decided no one liked it.”

“So it was an act of charity.” Brian felt the corners of his lips twitch.

“Of course. And I am ever charitable. I never turn dessert away.” She gestured to the two forks lying on the plate. “You’ll have to help me eat it, though, so my thighs don’t screech at me so loudly later.”

Brian wasn’t going to touch that statement with a ten-foot pole. And he wasn’t even going to groan out loud at the idea of watching Winnie eat dessert. If he averted his eyes and thought of something like Mrs. Rittle, his warty, foul-breathed, ninth-grade history teacher naked, it was usually enough to get through the experience without embarrassing himself.

Brian watched, resigned, as Winnie grabbed the plate and plunked down on her bed, digging her fork into the dessert and sliding it into her mouth. “Oh my God,” she moaned. “So good.”

Brian told himself to avert his eyes, but they wouldn’t obey this time, caught on the sight of Winnie’s tongue swiping her full bottom lip. No groaning, he reminding himself.

She took another bite, and closed her eyes in ecstasy. “So. So. Good.” More moaning. “You should really have some.”

Oh, I want some.

Would Winnie noticed if he suddenly smacked his own head?

Another bite. Another moan. Was this more torturous than usual?

Come on Brian, think. Mrs. Rittle. Mrs. Rittle naked. Mrs. Rittle naked and undulating.

But he couldn’t erase the picture of Winnie in an imitation of passion, eyes closed, blissed out, and moaning. If he couldn’t groan, he could cough, right?

Winnie’s eyes popped open at his coughing. “Are you okay?” At his nod, she said, “Why don’t you drink some of the tea?”
She just stared at him, waiting, watching him, and he grabbed the tea and took a huge gulp just for something to do, and then he grabbed his throat, coughing and croaking for real. “Shit,” he hissed. That burned.

Winnie jumped up, the plate in her hand forgotten as she grabbed something from her bag. She handed him a water bottle. “Oh my God, Brian. You were supposed to sip that, not chug it.” You idiot, her tone said. “Are you okay?”
He drank the water, letting it slide down his abused and screaming throat, holding some of it still in his mouth for a moment, trying to soothe this tongue. “I’m fine,” he managed, but his voice was barely above a croak and his eyes watered.

But at least he’d banished any lustful thoughts.

“I think I should go back to the kitchen and see if they’ll give me the honey jar so you can eat spoonfuls to soothe your throat.”

He glanced down at the ground where the plate and cheesecake had landed. He motioned to it. “And get more.”

Winnie looked down and smiled ruefully. “That was the last of its kind, tonight anyways. But we had a good run. Four bites, and a memory for always. I won’t soon forget you.” The last was said a bit mournfully, as she scooped up the destroyed dessert and threw it in the trash.

Their eyes met for a moment, held, before they both burst out laughing, Brian ignoring his scorched throat. Sometimes he just enjoyed the hell out of this woman.

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